It all started with me needing my bangs trimmed . . .

Back in the fall of 2010, I was having my nails done at my regular nail salon in Preston Center when I noticed my nail tech had just gotten her hair cut and it looked really really good! I asked her where she had it done and she told me she had gone to Shannon Fant at a nearby salon. I told her I needed my bangs trimmed desperately and could she give me Shannon's phone number. Instead she got up and ran out the front door then came back right away to tell me to go next door after I was done and Shannon would trim them up for me. I did and was thrilled with the outcome! And she didn't even charge me! I asked her about touching up my color sometime and if she had some suggestions as to what I should do with my graying situation. She said there were numerous ways I could avoid that problem and for me to make an appointment and she'd go over them with

I'm a 51 year old flight attendant and keeping a somewhat professional looking image is something I've always tried to accomplish.
I made that appointment with Shannon and we decided to lighten up my very dark brown hair with a little lighter brown and add some nice copper/bronze highlights. She did this fabulous Brazilian treatment and blowout which made my hair silky and super shiny! She styled my hair after with big round brushes which gave my hair the appearance of a VS model! The difference was amazing!!! I felt and actually looked like I was 35 again!!! Okay, maybe 40 . . . but a really young 40!!!

I've been going to Shannon ever since and followed her to her new salon, Moxi Salon & Spa in Highland Park. She has done for me what no other has been able to accomplish. I now have amazing hair!!! I get compliments on it nearly every day and I owe it all to Shannon and Moxi Salon!!! I absolutely trust her to do whatever she feels is best for my hair.

Anna, who works with Shannon, is also a very accomplished hairdresser and has touched up my color from time to time doing an excellent job, I might add. They both use the same styling technique, with round brushes, which gives my hair a lot of body and shine! Be it wanting to wear my hair straight or with relaxed curls, both Shannon and Anna know all the tricks! Together they make an awesome team!

I feel comfort in knowing Moxi Salon will be around for a very long time . . . both Shannon and Anna are young and hard working career driven individuals who know their trade very well. The salon is adorable and has a very warm and friendly atmosphere. They always offer a cold drink, a hot cup of coffee or a nice glass of wine! In my opinion, Moxi Salon & Spa is a well deserved asset to the Highland Park community and everyone including men should give them a try!

I'm sure glad I needed my bangs trimmed that day.

Liza Salzmann
Park Cities/Preston Hollow

"I always enjoy going to Moxi. It's a true 'no worries' experience.

My appointments are usually at the end of the day and its really nice to walk into the Salon because Shannon and Ana are genuinely friendly, relaxed and very good stylists. Ana cuts my hair and always does a great job. I never have to worry about how my hair will look afterwards. I'm always pleased and relaxed when I leave.

Shannon has cut my hair a couple of times when Ana was not available and Shannon is great, too. All good!

Tim Leahy